About Muddled Millennial 

When Jessica Baeza founded Muddled Millennial back in 2015, she never thought the website would grow like it has. It basically started out as a personal blog where she would house all of her written work to showcase for potential clients.

Once she started posting all of her content, the requests to contribute started pouring in! With excitement in the air, Jessica decided to revamp the entire site & start her own brand, Muddled Millennial.

Our mission is simple: Let's inspire & motivate each other. "Empowering women is something I am very passionate about. Whether it's career advice, relationship advice, or even something more personal, it makes me happy knowing I've helped out another woman." - Jessica Baeza 

We're in this together - follow along, send us an email, & let's create a world where women are ALWAYS on top ;) 

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